Fund Sponsor Reception 2017

Our most recent Fund Sponsor Reception was held on Sunday, April 30, 2017.  We had a lovely gathering and the people present enjoyed meeting one another and hearing each other’s stories. We want our fund sponsors to know how much the stories of the people behind our funds mean to us at TSF.  They are not just names, but loved ones whose memories we join them in cherishing.  As our motto states, “To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die.” We hope our sponsors find their funds to be a source of great pride.  The scholarship that each fund is providing to help a Wakefield student is very much appreciated not only by the student but their families and by all of us at TSF.

2017 FSR invitation            2017 Fund Sponsor Reception program

Welcome – Fund Sponsor Reception April 30, 2017 (opening remarks by President Cathy Donovan) Good Afternoon.  I am Catherine Donovan, President of the Board of Directors of The Scholarship Foundation of Wakefield.   On behalf of TSF we welcome all of you to this Fund Sponsor Reception.  Today we honor our newest permanent funds and recognize our recently renamed funds.  We consider this to be one of our most meaningful events of our year and we appreciate everyone being here today.  It’s a day to formally recognize these funds  – which are so important to you and important to us as well. The funds, and each of the stories behind them, are really the reason TSF is so successful and such an important part of Wakefield.  TSF’s success includes some very impressive numbers: – over the past 57 years, TSF has helped over 10,000 Wakefield students of all ages obtain a higher education. – In 2016, over $500,000 was given, increasing the total awarded since our start in 1960, to over $11.6 million.  – this year, TSF will award $545,000 to our local students. – TSF of Wakefield now has over 580 funds, of which 558 are permanent Each of the funds we recognize today is a part of the success of TSF.  While we take great pride in assisting local students pursuing their education, the stories we will share today, reflect an equally important role we play — remembering and honoring so many of our townspeople and local organizations.  The stories all of you have provided will be read and fund sponsors are welcome to come up and add their own words if they like.  Following the stories, we have certificates to present as well.