Our Purpose

The purpose of The Scholarship Foundation of Wakefield, Inc. is stated most succinctly in our Bylaws. “The general purpose of the Foundation shall be to provide financial assistance to residents of Wakefield in their pursuit of higher education without regard to the race, color, creed, sex, or age of said residents.” Since our inception in 1960, we have set out to accomplish our purpose by expanding the number of scholarship recipients and by increasing the size of the scholarships.

Since 1960, CSF/TSF of Wakefield has helped over 12,780 Wakefield students obtain a higher education.  In 2023, TSF distributed $800,000 to 279 Wakefield students based on financial need.  This disbursement raises the total paid out by TSF since its founding in 1960 to over $16.3 million. 

The Boston College Academic Achievement Award and the Bill Spaulding Merit Awards are based on scholastic achievement, community and school service, and other records of excellence. The Rhudine Johnson Unsung Hero Award is given to two graduating Wakefield High School students (one male and one female) who are deemed “unsung heroes” of their graduating class as chosen by their classmates. The Dan Blanchard Award is made to a graduating senior at Wakefield High School who has excelled in Social Studies (History) and has shown an interest in athletics. 

The Wakefield Adult Mentoring (WAM) Incentive Award Program is a financial award offered to any student who participates in WAM for at least three years and graduates from an accredited high school. Students can use the funds for post-secondary education or job training programs.

We encourage all Wakefield residents, regardless of age, who will be full time college students to apply for a scholarship.

Who We Are