TSF Scholarship Application for the 2024 – 2025 School Year

Deadline Submission Date:  June 1, 2024

Due to the extended deadline, applications after June 1 will not be accepted.

Any resident of Wakefield, regardless of age, planning to enroll as a full-time student in a post-secondary school or a career-training program is eligible to apply for a TSF scholarship for each academic year of attendance. Wakefield Memorial High School METCO students are also eligible to apply.

Our scholarships are intended to supplement an overall financial aid package and be combined with a family contribution and other forms of financial aid such as college grants, loans, or work-study programs to meet the cost of education.

Each applicant must complete this application and submit a copy of his/her FAFSA Submission Summary which must include the Student Aid Index. We will determine your eligibility for a scholarship based on your and your family’s financial resources.

Every application is assigned a unique ID number to maintain the anonymity of the applicant. The Scholarship Awards Committee determines the financial need of applicants by comparing the cost of the tuition for the college, with the financial resources of the family and student. The Committee then compares the financial need of each applicant to the needs of all applicants and awards the scholarships to those with the greatest need.